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Player: @Deuco
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Faction: Hero
Personal Data
Real Name: same
Known Aliases: X
Species: Robot
Age: 3
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 340#
Eye Color: n/a
Hair Color: n/a
Primary Powerset: Claws
Secondary Powerset: Invulnerability
Pool Powers: Speed, Fitness, Fighting

Cerebrosynaptic Transfer Robotic Lacerator - model X

This original prototype was constructed at the research division of the villainous cybernetics company LycanTech Inc. Originally programmed as an "interrogation tool" and assassin, the unit is equipped with retractable blades which act as super-sensitive electrodes, connecting directly to an advanced synaptic scanning array inside the main computer. When the blades are inserted into a living brain, this apparatus takes a snapshot of the synaptic patterns and loads them into a dedicated memory block for analysis. Given enough time, the system can extrapolate the subject's entire mind.

Model X was the first deemed worthy of a field test. LycanTech field engineers took it on a "routine bank robbery." Standard environmental response tests were promising; the robot performed with the agility and resilience they expected. What they did not anticipate, however, was the presence of Overload?, an unregistered mutant who was on site doing tech support for the bank's security system.

Overload had a natural affinity for technology. He could understand and control any machine he touched. He was not authorized for combat, but nevertheless attempted to stop the robbery by seizing control of a battle drone. Model X closed in on Overload, and released the sensor blades into his skull.

Overload slumped to the floor, apparently dead. Ctrl-X became unresponsive, and rebooted itself -- an unexpected result. The field engineers began to check the unit. Before they could complete their diagnostic tests, the Galaxy City Regulars arrived on the scene. The LycanTech field team fled, leaving the seemingly damaged prototype behind.

The unit completed its boot sequence to find a new set of directives. He now works to protect human life, and the innocent in particular. The majority of the synaptic snapshot is encrypted and inaccessible. Self-diagnostics indicate no malfunction. Ctrl-X continues to run a decryption process in the background.


Ctrl-X is a member of the Galaxy City Regulars supergroup on the Guardian server.


Ctrl-X responds to many questions with the flat and factual manner you would expect from a robot. Sometimes, though, he surprises people with a flash of qualitative analysis, intuitive insight, or even humor.

Although technically genderless, Ctrl-X has a masculine appearance which leads humans to interact with him as a male.


The retractable sensor blades are crafted from impervium, and designed for use in combat as well as synaptic transfer. His reinforced armor makes him extremely resistant to injury. Originally designed for surgical-strike assaults, he is built for speed and equipped with a rudimentary cloaking device.

Ctrl-X is still physically capable of the synaptic transfer, but is compelled by his new programming not to use it.

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