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Player: @Deuco
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Faction: Hero
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: 2, The Deuce
Species: Human
Age: 439
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 170
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Blue-grey
Primary Powerset: Kinetics
Secondary Powerset: Dark Blast
Pool Powers: Speed, Leadership, Dark Mastery

Deuco was once a prodigy and a gifted student of magic, especially talented in kinetic manipulation. As his knowledge grew, so did his obsession. He became so engrossed in his studies that he began to neglect his own health. To push himself beyond his body's physical limits, he began drawing on environmental kinetic energy to fuel his own biochemical processes. Gradually, he relied more and more on this alternate form of sustenance. One day he noticed that he had not slept or eaten for several months. His body was undead, animated purely by his magical acumen. He had become a lich.

Of course, being undead has its price. To absorb the energy he needs to survive, he must periodically release negative energy back into the environment. The inability to dream tends to cause madness over time. Social isolation from the living exacerbates this problem, so Deuco makes every effort to team up with other heroes and to maintain a positive attitude. He has always been an optimist by choice, and it was this characteristic that led him to become a hero.

He took the name Deuco -- the word for "two" in the language of magic. In his own words: "The number two reflects the duality inherent in our universe: every front has a back, every up has a down, every evil a good. My power derives from that duality, the very notion of transfer depends on it. My name serves to remind me that all of my actions have consequences."


Deuco is currently the chairman of the board of directors for SHFH the Legends? (on the Infinity server).


Cheerful and positive in the face of adversity. Although he has been undead for over four hundred years, the fluency with which he adapts to surrounding contemporary culture belies his true age. And in fact, he has forgotten much of his past; many of the details are a blur.


Deuco uses magic to manipulate energy in various ways. His invocations are mostly somatic, derived from ancient magical dance; the movement of his body directs the flow of the energies under his control. He can steal velocity and power from his foes, and lend it to his allies. He releases negative energy as a side effect of drawing on the energy he needs for buffs and for his own survival.

He also finds invisibility spells to be useful on many occasions.

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Portrait by Liz

portrait by Liz


An OOC note about pronunciation:

I pronounce "Deuco" just like "do so." The C is soft. I recognize that this is weird, but it's the way I've always spelled it (and the pronunciation came before the spelling did). It's like the word "deuce" but with an O. And if I'd spelled it "Deuceo," people would think it's pronounced "doo see oh" or something.
I would've used the French cedille character () which specifies a soft C, but it'd be hard for people to type when inviting me and stuff. Plus the game doesn't let you use that character in your toon's name anyway.
It's not French, though, or a meaningful word in any real language that I know of (although Google reveals that it's the name of a company or two, and also a travel destination in Chile). By way of retroactive explanation, I've co-opted it to be "the language of magic" (see the bio above).
The true seed of inspiration for Deuco is a closely guarded secret a decades-old inside joke that only two other people in the world would even have a chance of getting.

Incidentally, the wikipedia entry on the number two is kind of interesting. And there's one on the word deuce too.

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