Galaxy City Regulars

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Server: Guardian
Faction: Hero
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Hometown heroes, fighting injustice. The Regulars are a regularly-scheduled team.


Membership to the running team is presently closed, but the SG itself is open to any character.


Salvage Storage
Enhancement Storage
Inspiration Storage
Personal Vault
Crafting Table
Medical Resurrection
Aspect of the Pillar

Atlas Park/Kings Row
The Hollows/Perez Park
Steel Canyon/Faultline
Independence Port/Terra Volta
Talos Island/Dark Astoria
Brickstown/Crey's Folly
Croatoa/Founderss Falls
Peregrine Island/Pocket D

The base is done in a modern theme, advanced without being high-tech.


Main running team:


The Viridian Guard
Miskatonic University?
Force Veritas
The Make-A-Witch Foundation


The Paragon Regulars started out as an idea by @CrashTofu for a pair of teams that ran together regularly (The Atlas Park Regulars and The Galaxy City Regulars), each set up with particular archetype and role-play elements. The idea only lasted a couple of months, and was later resurrected by @Archmage Chaos and @cobie, without the restrictions. That team (v 2.0) included non-Team Awesome members, and lasted for nearly a year before players were lost to life, schedules, etc. The core team is now made up of all Team Awesome members.

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