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LycanTech is a cutting-edge technology company staffed entirely by werewolves.


All employees must be werewolves. There are many means to achieve this end. If needed, our Lupine Resources staff can administer the necessary lycanthropic agents mordaciously to new applicants.


Salvage Storage
Enhancement Storage
Personal Vault
Crafting Table
Medical Resurrection

Mercy Island/Cap Au Diable
Sharkhead Isle/Nerva Archipelago

The base is themed to be the offices of the LycanTech, Inc. corporation.




Known research projects:

Ctrl-X (Project terminated; prototype lost during field test in Paragon City)

To keep up with our demanding Competition Sabotage quotas, we sometimes farm jobs out to a group called Tech Sabotage.


Shortly after contracting lycanthropy, robotics engineer Wallace Baines? began researching ways to use it as a competitive advantage. He started LycanTech in his basement, developing various pharmaceutical, genetic, and nanorobotic means to stimulate the cerebral cortex in conjunction with the lycanthropic changes to the limbic system. Once he had a few reliable alternative therapies, he and his growing team created the LunaView® contact lenses which trigger the metamorphosis under normal lighting conditions.

Following a series of hostile takeovers, the company made a very successful IPO, which has empowered them to expand R&D and become industry leaders in weapons systems, bioengineering, and alternative energy, as well as robotics.

(OOC: The idea springs from a joke news article that Deuco wrote in response to somebody complaining about seeing lots of werewolf robotics masterminds, not long after CoV launched.)

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