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There's a lot still to do, obviously, with the organization of pages and navigation stuff. That's at the top of my list at the moment. Then I'd also like to figure out some form of integration with Flickr, since some of us already have screenshot collections over there. But I'm also eager to start in on content. :) Deuco

we should have some templates for other kinds of content. clearly, the character and supergroup article pages are going to be the bread and butter of this wiki but there should be some format for those topics peripheral to said characters and supergroups.

in particular, i think there could be formats/templates for:

  • places
  • non-sg/non-coh canon organizations
  • NPCs
  • team awesome canon events

additionally, i think that there should be one page for non-team awesome supergroups, with the various SGs themselves being anchored items. these sub-articles could follow a format of their own but, at the least, shouldn't be quite as comprehensive as our own supergroup article pages.

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