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Team Awesome is the group that started it all. A hodgepodge of unrelated characters that happened to be around the same level, forged into a veritable juggernaut of a team.


It's not a true Supergroup of its own. Membership is closed, in a way, but flexible in that the group was never strict about only running as a unit.


Aqueous Transmission?
Billiard Ball?
Foomf? (replaced later by Cat Agro?)
Obvious Lee?
Sally Mannder


The members of Team Awesome actually belong to these Supergroups: Legion of LiveJournal, Paladins of the Night, TeamBeta


OOC history:

I think we first teamed together in the low 20s. Was it a double XP weekend? It was definitely cobie who got the ball rolling. This was way back in the dark ages, before we used Ventrilo.
We ran together several times with these characters over the course of a few weeks. Eventually we started using the name Team Awesome to refer to them collectively, since they were in separate SGs. The defining moment had to be the mission in Oranbega where we gathered in the big hand sculpture for a group screenshot, and got promptly wiped by the Circle of Thorns on the floor.
We also did the Eden trial together at some point.

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