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An "accident" -- if such things are truly possible with a RetCon Drive -- deposited an assortment of superpowered beings in the midst of Paragon City.


All members are characters from the skC comic jam, using the best approximation powersets that the game offers (which in some cases is a real shoehorn job). Since the comics were colorless, the characters' clothes are typically greyscaled (allthough their skin has color where applicable).


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Hero Group:

La Femme Flambee (Less Filling's "Flambé," now with gender agreement! Accented characters still not allowed in names, though. Phooey.)

Villain Group:

Metazoa (Less Filling's "Chimera," grudgingly using an alias to avoid conflict with the Praetorian archvillain)

The hero group is coalitioned with A.W.E.S.O.M.E.? The villain group has no coalition partners at this time.


The RetCon Drive (an experimental propulsion system invented by the alterdimensional genius of Science! known as Mr. Virtue) is not without its problems. It achieves spatial relocation by navigating causality threads, branching as needed into alternate timelines (and equivalently, entire spacetime event hierarchy systems in higher dimensions). For most useful destinations within the universe at its current size, this is a bit like taking the Concorde to get to your own mailbox -- but with unforseen and sometimes drastic side effects, such as finding that your mail is suddenly in a different language and addressed to a fern.

It was one such trip that deposited Mr. Virtue himself, along with his daughter Miriam and assorted other beings both known and unknown to him, into the heart of Paragon City.

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