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Lament Box

Crimefighters by day, lesbian grrl-punk band by night.

Needs Food Badly

A tribute SG for the classic arcade game Gauntlet. Valid characters would be wizards, valkyries, elves, and warriors, with the appropriate powers. Names should include an uncommon color and the character class (e.g. "Chartreuse Valkyrie" or "Periwinkle Wizard").


Mission Architect database entries given physical form after having been misdirected to the hospital room. The costumes should have a 0 (zero) chest detail, with the SG symbol being a 1 (one), then bind a key to toggle SG mode on and off rapidly.

Fontastic Four

Heroes inspired by various typefaces. Times New Roman, Arial Black, the Courier, the Zapf Dingbat.

Device Squad

Everyone on the team has Devices. BOOOOOOOM.

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