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The Viridian Guard is a cosmic peacekeeping legion which derives its power from a central source of Viridian energy. A special strike team has assembled on Earth from across the galaxy, to combat the Rikti and other galactic threats.


Members can be any origin or archetype, but their power effects must be green in color where possible.


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Akasha Twist?
Defiant Legacy?
Emerald Gauntlet
the Green Gaze?
Greenhouse Rose
Hunter Green?
Keiri Hau?
Lil' Rock?
Maximum Jade?
Mii Dor'i?
the Scarab Blade
Spiral Warden?
Viridian Rage?
Vulpus Viridian?
Wandering Son?
Wilhelm Scream?


Galaxy City Regulars
Force Veritas?
Miskatonic University?


The Viridian Guard is an interstellar law enforcement body, policing parts of the universe for several millennia. Its authority is acknowledged by starfaring xenocultures mostly out of deference to their ages-old reputation, honor and sense of justice but also out of sheer awe for the power they wield and the collective force they represent.

The "beacon" that stores the power each green guardsman calls upon resides on D'Cren, ice moon of Irlan-12 in the far-flung reaches of the Mnaa system. It's a blast furnace of emerald energy shooting straight out of the planet, guided into a pillar of green flame by an enormous crystal suspended within it.

On the viridian energy: It's around us at all times but for the most part it's formless and sparse. The beacon itself is a collector, of sorts, transmitting the concentrated energy to the guardsmen via conduits like power rings and amulets. The energy itself is summoned through the conduits by the strength of the guardsman's hope and shaped by his or her imagination.

On the Guard's organizational structure: Each sector of our universe is assigned an entire cell of guardsmen. Not only does this hint at the frickin' enormity of the guard itself, it is indicative of the fact that the guard itself is in a regrowth/restructuring period. Due to its recent involvement in an intergalactic struggle in sector Hrach-93-Gamma-0284 (in which there was even treachery revealed among their higher ranking officers), the guard lost a good portion of its high-powered (read: high-leveled) numbers and satellite precincts. So, now, the cellsizes themselves are typically 8 in number and of varying levels of induction into the emerald service ...and with a rotating roster. When active teaming isn't going on, it is assumed that the guardsmen are on assignment or on break off-world somewhere.

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